Exo Works.

workflow solution.

Powered by partners you trust, and designed for the entire healthcare system, Exo Works is an uncomplicated, intelligent, and intuitive ultrasound workflow solution that lets you focus on more important things, like your patients.

Why Exo Works?

Uncomplicated Setup.

Ready on day one.

Using a robust interface engine, Exo Works is virtually plug-and-play when connecting to your infrastructure. And because you can now securely connect to any DICOM-enabled ultrasound system, EMR or PACS without any of the hassle, you won’t want to live without it.


Why Exo Works?

Familiar Interface.

No instructions required.

We don’t use “pixel-perfect” lightly, but that’s exactly what the Exo Works interface is. Exo Works’ intuitive design means you can be confident using it without reading the manual. Viewing exams, documenting findings, and sending data to the EMR are all done with a touch of a finger, regardless of the device.


Why Exo Works?

Universal Accessibility.

Any screen will do.

Sometimes you have the luxury of a monitor and keyboard, and other times you need to be on the move. Exo Works still works, one way or the other. Anything you can do at a terminal, you can do just as easily on a laptop, tablet or phone — and that makes life easier.


Why Exo Works?

Practical Workflow.

Scanning to billing without the hair-pulling.

Exo Works is an integrated and scalable enterprise platform that allows you to review ultrasound exams, document findings, apply billing codes, and archive — all from your mobile device or web browser.


Why Exo Works?

Intelligent Insights.

Leverage the potential of your department.

Efficiency is at the heart of patient care, and the faster you get answers, the better the outcome. Improving that efficiency requires insight into your own performance. Exo Works’ unique set of data analytics enables your team to raise their game and make the most of their time with patients.


Why Exo Works?

Quality Assured.

Built in QA and credentialing pathways.

Learning ultrasound isn’t always easy but getting feedback should be. Exo Works allows exams to be instantly available for review by an expert, wherever they are (even if they’re in line in the hospital cafeteria). And administrating educational and credentialing programs becomes a breeze using the exam insights that Exo Works provides. It’s as easy as scan, learn, repeat.


Why Exo Works?

Tenacious Defense.

Nothing cute. Just rock-solid, always-on security.

HIPAA compliance, data encryption, two-factor authentication, anonymized data, and a slew of other protections will be at work to keep your institution and your patients out of harm’s way. Cybersecurity threats are always evolving, and Exo Works was designed to help you stay ahead of the bad guys.


Tech Specs

We know that the details matter.

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AWS server

Unlimited storage

Load-balancing for performance optimization

Compute resources adapt to your workload

Data redundancy maintains integrity