Our People

EVP, Product Engineering

Simon Prakash

Simon joins Exo from AliveCor, a startup where his purpose as CTO was to make a difference in healthcare. There he led the development of multiple consumer-friendly, FDA approved, EKG devices with AI algorithms. By getting actionable, timely health data into the hands of the consumer, AliveCor improved and saved many of their customers lives.

Simon previously served as the Senior Director of Product Hardware Development at Google where he led the design and development of the current and future versions of Google Glass as well as defining other future products. During his tenure at Google, Simon was responsible for product development, technology pathfinding, and started the reliability, battery, safety and quality teams within Google.

Prior to Google, Simon was a Senior Director of Product Integrity in the Hardware design group at Apple for almost nine years and was directly involved in developing the first iPhone, iPad, and many industry-leading laptops and desktops. Simon has also worked in the optics industry, developing the first 1300 nm VSEL for telecom use.

Simon earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University, and his Masters of Business Administration from the University of Colorado. He has served and presented on a number if IEEE and ASME conferences including Wearables, IoT, component packaging, silicon  architecture, thermal design and reliability.